Tater Tot

Sound the trumpets!! Our little Carlton, who spent the first 8 years of his life in a cage in an Amish puppy milll, was adopted this weekend!! His new family was sooo excited for him to arrive!! This sweetheart will finally get to enjoy a wonderful life with a loving family – a life that he could only dream about before. His foster momma loves him so much and she was so happy for him to finally have the life he deserves – although she will miss her little sweet man!!! Have a beautiful life, Carlton – now named Tater Tot!!! We love you and wish you all the happiness in the world!!!




I have tears in my eyes sharing this happy update on Christian from Monroe County, GA, now named Diesel. This boy who had a horrible life in GA – had burns on his legs and feet, emaciated, left out on a chain, sick and neglected – was soooo happy to get to Buffalo and into his foster home. I think he knew before any of us did that he was already home. He is now a foster failure and will live the rest of his life with his loving foster (now forever) family (his sister is Pepper, now named Daisy also from Monroe County, GA)!!!!




Billbo, now Jax has found his forever home! His new Mom messaged us saying, “I just have to say Jax is perfect! Settling right in and with at least one of the cats, has been friendly & curious. Both of us laid down on the doggy bed, he fell asleep and I just watched him. So perfect and I know he is the right one! Thank you so much for trusting me to be his mom. Means the world to me. Kudos to what you and your team do.”